Vent/Drain Damper

A Damper designed for your needs

The vent/drain damper was designed to be attached to a cantilever beam type pipe such as is common for vents/drains and instrument connections. 

This arrangement is very common in process piping and is known for producing high vibration on the smaller branch pipe that can result in fatigue failure of the piping. 

Provides adequate damping

The purpose for the damper is to provide adequate damping to eliminate the cantilever bending mode resonance and the make the system unresponsive to vibration on the main piping that it is attached to.

The design criteria behind the device is to use a tuned damped vibration absorber that is customized to a particular piping layout.  

Chart Example

The data shows the response at the end of the cantilever branch line with the damper added and removed.  As observed, the resonance of the pipe is eliminated.

Many operators will have standard designs for vent attachments.  Once a standard design is identified, a damper can be customized to optimally eliminate resonant response.

Contact our application team for assistance

We will assist with reviewing a specific pipe arrangement. We’ll need mechanical natural frequency measurements and a general layout (pipe ISO or pictures) showing the components involved. Our application team can also assist with the natural frequency testing when required.

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