Rohr Damper

Rohr Damper

The ZetaQuest Rohr Damper is a bolt on device to add damping to small bore piping.  The most common vibration related pipe failures are small bore piping suffering from high cycle fatigue, often due to amplification from resonance.  Installing ZetaQuest Rohr dampers at high vibration locations, increases the system damping and reduces the amplification from resonance.  For most small bore piping, if you reduce the amplification from resonance you practically eliminate the risk of small bore vibration failures.  

The ZetaQuest Rohr Damper is a great solution to vibration of:

  • Vent and drain connections
  • Instrumentation
  • Bypass lines around control valves
  • Pump seal or balance lines

Rohr Damper Applications

Rohr Damper Documentation

  • Brochure
  • Manual