ZetaQuest Services

  • Vibration assessment
    • Field measurements and review vs generally accepted standards
    • Assessment of benefit of dampers
  • Detail design for damper applications
    • Installation documentation
  • Installation technical support
  • Design reviews for new installations

Vibration Assessment

Vibration assessment is our on-site service to document existing vibration and/or natural frequencies for the purpose of providing information to the client regarding vibration severity as well as to document the benefit to using ZetaQuest Technologies, LLC vibration damping hardware.

This is a common service for piping vibration issues where we come on site to document the current vibration levels on specified piping and compare to known standards/guidelines to evaluate the vibration severity as compared to generally accepted limits.  The review will provide evidence to support client’s risk review for the installation.  We can also guide on-site personnel (or others) to complete the measurements for us if on-site work is restricted.

The information gathered is then used to assess the benefits of using either our Rohr or Starr line of dampers.  The Rohr line is intended for vibration on piping from about 10 Hz and higher, while the Starr line is applicable for low frequency swaying up to about 60 Hz.  Each line has benefits that will be reviewed for each application.

The ideal goal would be to achieve damping of 10% or higher on problem lines for excitable modes, although damping levels as low as 2-3% may be adequate to mitigate elevated vibration to acceptable limits.

The deliverable from the Vibration Assessment service is a written report describing the scope of review, field measurements, comparison to known standards, and a description of the ZetaQuest hardware that is applicable for mitigating elevated vibration.  It is likely that a proposal for ZetaQuest hardware will be delivered with the report.

Detail Design for Applications

Some applications will require specific design review.  This is particularly true with larger Rohr dampers or with the Starr line.  The Starr line often has custom mounting hardware required so that detailed layout is required to fully define the mounting details and methods.

This service is offered on proposals when required based on the needs for the project.  The deliverable is relevant documentation including CAD drawings for layout, installation instructions, etc. as required for the project.

Field Technical Support

The field technical support includes one of our technical support personnel coming to site to provide technical guidance during installation.  This will include field review of project documents, guidance during installation, and will often include vibration and/or natural frequency and/or damping measurements before and after installation.

Design Reviews

For applications where there have been known vibration issues on similar equipment, ZetaQuest offers a design review service that includes a review of layout and risks expected due to the type of dynamic loads present in the application.  This will often include review of natural frequencies, flexibility of equipment, and assessment of likely risks based on experience and other factors.  Complex reviews requiring more analytical tools may be subcontracted to engineering resources.

The deliverable will include a detailed report documenting natural frequencies of components, mode shapes, and details for vibration damping hardware required to achieve specified damping levels for excitable frequencies.