Linear Dampers

A Viscous Damping Device

Our Linear Damper product line is a viscous damping device that acts in one direction, or in-line with the damper axis. 

The device is commonly attached between a vibrating pipe and a rigid support (ground, stiff I-beam, etc.). 

Installed in Pairs

Most commonly they are installed in pairs with dampers arranged to resist the vibration in a plane.  Common arrangements are shown to the left.

The connection to the pipe is done with a custom pipe clamp.  Clamps are normally lined with gasket material to reduce the risk of wear between the clamp and the pipe.  The damper is positioned between the pipe and the tie point with the extension tube length adjusted during assembly.

Termination plates allow for anchoring to a floor, heavy beam, etc. by bolting or the plates can be welded in place.

Our Available Products

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ModelTravel RangeDamping level, Lb-sec/inApproximate Pipe Size*
A+/- ½”30½” - 2”
B+/- ½”702” - 3”
C+/- ¾”1663” – 6”
D+/- 1”390>6”

NOTE: *Actual selection of devices depends on the mass of the moving pipe and the resonant frequency. 

Contact our application team to assist in proper device selection

The goal for the devices is to limit vibration below the common vibration screening criteria of 0.5 in/sec pk after installation.

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